According to an article written by Fox News Las Vegas, drivers in the Las Vegas area ranked as some of the most unsafe in the nation (the full article is available here,  The article relies on rankings prepared by Allstate Insurance Company.  According to Allstate, Las Vegas scored 138 out of the country’s 200 largest cities.  Allstate claims that the average driver in Las Vegas will be involved in one accident every 8-9 years.  Notably Reno, NV scored as one of the safest cities in the United States.

Having previously worked as an insurance defense attorney, I find Allstate’s scores interesting for two reasons.  First, they partially explain why the insurance rates in Las Vegas are higher than other cities.  Expecting a greater number of claims in a geographical area, insurance companies raise their insurance rates to maximize profits.  Second and more importantly, because Allstate’s study tends to show that Las Vegans are more likely to be involved in a greater number of accidents, Las Vegans are therefore more likely to be injured in a motor vehicle accident than residents of other cities.

Most drivers have liability insurance in case they injure another driver.  Additionally, most drivers have uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverage if they are injured by another driver who either has no insurance or their insurance policy is not enough to cover all of their damages.  Despite these protections, many insurance companies attempt withhold insurance policy funds, even in cases where their insured was clearly at fault.  Insurance companies will try to deny claims by arguing that the injured party’s injuries were not caused by the accident or that the injured party was partially at fault.  Worse still, insurance companies often deny their own policy holder’s claims to their UM/UIM coverage.  This creates a situation where an insurance policy holder is forced to sue their own insurance company in order to seek compensation for injuries they suffered through no fault of their own.  Unfortunately, these actions by insurers result in many drivers never receiving full compensation for their injuries.  Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney may be the only way driver’s will ever see full compensation for their injuries.

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According to Fox 5 News Las Vegas, local police executed a search warrant at a Summerlin Home discovering “Spice”, a product designed to mimic the effects of marijuana (the full article is available here,  According to the news report, the search stemmed from a traffic stop earlier in the day.  According to the article, law enforcement is attempting to determine whether the substance was meant for distribution.  Synthetic marijuana has proven difficult to regulate despite Federal attempts by the Drug Enforcement Administration to ban the substance.

This situation demonstrates how Traffic stops can quickly escalate.  Being aware of your rights with regard to vehicle searches and traffic stops can mean the difference between a simple fine and serious criminal charges.  The fourth amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees citizens the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures by government officials without a warrant.  Over the years the courts have eroded our fourth amendment rights giving rise to a variety of so called “warrantless” searches.  A large part of these efforts have been implemented to increase officer safety.  Nevertheless, citizens should know their rights before consenting to a search of their vehicle or answering questions posed to them by law enforcement.  In Nevada a warrantless search may be instigated by reasonable suspicion that a person has committed a crime.  During a traffic stop you may be required to give your name or drivers license, but you are not required to answer questions asked by law enforcement. You have the right to remain silent when questioned by officers.  Further, you are under no obligation to grant law enforcement officer’s requests to search you or your property.  Often times officers will simply ask to search you or your property when they know they do not have cause to do so.  Under most circumstances you have the right to decline an officer’s request to search your person, your vehicle or your home.  In Nevada an arrest without a warrant may only occur upon probable cause.  If you have been arrested, you have the right to consult with an attorney.  Once you invoke your right to an attorney law enforcement must stop questioning you.

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As was recently reported by Fox Business News (available here,, a $14.5 million dollar settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed against baseball bat manufacturer Louisville Slugger.  According to the article, the Plaintiff was struck in the chest by a line drive while playing in a little league game in 2006.  After being struck by the ball, the child’s heart stopped and he was left with permanent brain damage. Due to his injuries the Plaintiff (now 18) is unable to care for himself and requires 24 hour assistance.  According to the article the settlement funds will be used to provide for the Plaintiff’s extensive future medical needs.  The parents of the Plaintiff hope that aluminum baseball bats will no longer be marketed to little league teams due to the risk of injuries that they carry.

The symptoms from traumatic brain injuries can range from relatively minor to very severe and can arise from a wide variety of accidents.  Slip and falls, motor vehicle accidents, negligent medical procedures and physical violence are just some of the ways in which traumatic brain injuries can occur (more information regarding traumatic brain injuries is available here,  Too often traumatic brain injuries are caused by the negligence of another.

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As was recently reported by Victoria Cavaliere in the New York Daily News, comedian Matt Fisher claims that his sister Katie’s insurance company, Progressive Insurance, defended her killer in court.  According to the article (available here,, Mr. Fisher’s sister was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident when a driver ran a red light and struck her car.  The article claims that the Fisher family was forced to bring a lawsuit against the driver in order to recover the Uninsured/Underinsured (UM/UIM) insurance policy that Ms. Fisher had through Progressive.  Mr. Fisher claims that Progressive defended the driver in court, which essentially means that Ms. Fisher’s insurance company defended her own killer in court against her survivors.  Progressive is actively denying the claims made by the Fisher family (as seen in a follow up article available here,

Insurance companies will aggressively seek to deny claims made under UM/UIM coverage.  In Nevada insurers must offer UM/UIM coverage on a state approved form.  If an insurer fails to offer UM/UIM coverage, the coverage amount automatically raises to the amount of liability coverage on the policy.  Ippolito v. Liberty Mut. Ins. Co. 101 Nev. 376, 705 P.2d 134 (1985).  If you have been injured by another and the at fault party is uninsured or has insufficient insurance coverage to compensate you for your injuries, you may have a valid claim to UM/UIM coverage.

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