Pursuant to a constitutional amendment, Nevada residents have the right to use medical marijuana legally ONLY if they obtain their patient card. Many Nevadan’s are misinformed about the law. Having a doctor’s recommendation or a “90 day temporary” does not legally protect you. In order to receive all the protections of the law, such as not being arrested for being in possession of the legal limit or for growing the legal number of plants (currently 7), you must be in possession of a Nevada patient card.

A patient card looks very similar to a Nevada driver’s license:

Other patients know about the process of obtaining a patient card, but are afraid to do so. One of the most common questions our office is asked is if they will lose their guns or conceal carry permit by applying for a patient card. Quite simply the answer is no. You can have your patient card and a conceal carry license.

However, there are some issues. When purchasing a firearm, you have to answer the question of whether you use illegal drugs. Marijuana is legal at the state level, but illegal federally. Also, if you are in possession of a firearm and marijuana, there is an automatic sentencing enhancement for federal crimes.

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