Although marijuana remains illegal under federal law, some states, such as Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Nevada have legalized marijuana for both medical and recreational use. Other states such as Arizona, have legalized marijuana only for medical purposes. The patchwork of laws may leave people with questions regarding when and where they can purchase marijuana. The following is meant to provide you with a basic overview of the differing marijuana laws in the United States, if you have any specific questions regarding the marijuana laws in your state, or a state where you may be traveling, we suggest consulting with an attorney before you take any action that could affect your legal rights.

How Do You Buy Marijuana in States Where it’s Legal?

States that allow for the recreational use of marijuana typically do not require anything other than a photo identification card to purchase marijuana. States that have only legalized medical marijuana typically require marijuana patients to acquire approval from a physician and a state issued patient identification card prior to buying marijuana. Most states require the patient to be a resident of that state and most states do not have reciprocity with other states. Thus, a patient from Colorado typically cannot buy marijuana from a medical dispensary in a state like Arizona. Nevada does have full reciprocity with nonresident patient cardholders. Therefore, a patient cardholder from a state like Colorado can legally purchase from a dispensary in Nevada.

In states where marijuana is legal, patients and recreational users are generally required to purchase their marijuana from a state-licensed dispensary, while some states still allow for home cultivation. Most dispensaries carry a wide variety of strains and other products containing marijuana such as, edibles, oils, or tinctures. Most dispensaries require proper identification and limit patients or recreational users to the amounts that they are legally allowed to possess under that jurisdiction’s laws. For example, in Nevada a medical patient may not purchase or possess greater than two and one half ounces of marijuana at a time.

Each state has taken its own approach to marijuana legalization. Patients and users are strongly advised to familiarize themselves with local marijuana laws before attempting to use or possess marijuana.

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