A judge may issue a bench warrant when a person violates a court order, misses a court date, fails to pay a fine, fails to abide by other court requirements or fails to appear if that person was called as a witness.  

One of the most common reasons for a bench warrant is not taking care of a traffic citation or paying the fine.  This will results in a bench warrant and cause your driver’s licenses to be suspended.  

To resolve a bench warrant, you will have to appear before the court and resolve the issue.  In most cases your attorney can file a motion to quash the bench warrant and appear on your behalf.  

Do not just ignore a warrant even if you leave the city or state in which the warrant stems from.  It will be reported to other states and if you are stop in another state, that state’s law enforcement can detain you as a fugitive.  In some instances you may even be transported back to Nevada

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