New Changes to Nevada’s Medical Marijuana Industry – SB 276

The latest legislative session has now come to a close. The four-month 2015 session produced many changes to the states primary governing law. The new changes include a major tax hike, significant new investments in education, body cameras for the Nevada Highway Patrol, and a possible school district breakup. With these substantial changes to the day-to-day activities in Nevada, the legislature also made three important changes to NRS 435A, the chapter governing the state’s medical marijuana industry. The new changes drastically affect the way medical marijuana establishments conduct business within the state.

One of the key changes Nevada Legislature made to keep up with demand and the rapid change associated with the medical marijuana industry, was enacting Senate Bill 276.  Senate Bill 276 puts in place new policies allowing owners of medical marijuana establishments to move, sale, or transfer their establishments legally.

Under the new legislation, all medical marijuana facilities will be eligible for sale or transfer to another party. In order to obtain a medical marijuana establishment, all proposed owners, officers, and board members of medical marijuana establishments, must proffer to Division their names, addresses, dates of birth, complete sets of fingerprints and written permission authorizing the Division to forward the fingerprints to the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History for submission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for its report.

In an effort to deny monopolization on medical marijuana establishments in the state, potential new owners of an medical marijuana establishment also need to prove to Division, that as a result of the transfer of ownership, no person, group of persons or entity will, in a county whose population is 100,000 or more, hold more than one medical marijuana establishment registration certificate or more than 10 percent of the medical marijuana establishment registration certificates allocated to the county, whichever is greater. This amount can be limited by the city in which the establishment is located. The local government could decide that their community is already adequately served by the existing establishments and reduce the number of licenses within city limits.

The new changes make it even easier to break into the medical marijuana industry. Establishments around the state are currently gearing up for an explosion of new business. The industry is rapidly growing, creating endless opportunities around the state.  Many see this time as an exciting time for patients. In the upcoming months, the state will see many medical marijuana establishments open their doors and provide patients with the medicine they need. Now sufferers of chronic conditions will have even more treatment options.

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