DUI Defense



Las Vegas, Nevada has one of the highest rates of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in the United States.  Hundreds of Las Vegans are charged with DUI every year. Connor & Connor’s DUI defense attorneys will ensure that your rights are protected.  



1) Two to six months incarceration, or twenty four to ninety six hours of community service.

2) Completion of a Nevada approved DUI school.

3) Fines ranging between $400-$1,000 plus court fees.

4) Participation in a Nevada Impact Panel.

5) If you are below the age of 21 or if your blood alcohol content was .18 or greater, a drug and alcohol dependency evaluation.

6) If your blood alcohol content was .18 or greater, participation in an alcohol or drug abuse treatment program.

7) If your blood alcohol content was .18 or greater, an interlock device must be installed in your vehicle for one to three years.


Subsequent DUI convictions result in much more severe penalties.  In addition to the criminal charges, Nevadans who are charged with DUI also face administrative charges before the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. 


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