Licenses to operate a medical marijuana business can be hard to come by because they are rarely approved. Since 2014, however, Nevada has permitted the selling and transference of licenses from one person to another. The process of transferring a marijuana business license is not such an easy process, and actually requires both parties to adhere to strict standards in order for ownership to be transferred. There are also very stringent rules for moving a dispensary’s location, as well as restrictions on who may purchase and use medical marijuana. Read on to learn the most recent rules for buying and selling medical marijuana licenses and why you need a marijuana attorney to facilitate the process.

Changing License Ownership Legally

In order to transfer ownership of a medical marijuana business license, the new owner must meet several criteria for approval. The new owner(s) must be able to prove that they have liquid assets totaling at least $250,000, which is needed to cover operating costs. Every party involved must undergo a fingerprint background check, as well as getting a local business license and a local approval for ownership change. Although there are some exceptions to the background requirement—if ownership is being transferred to someone within an existing marijuana business, for instance—transfer of ownership generally follows the same application process as that of a new business.

Moving the Location of a Marijuana Seller

Prior to 2015, new or previous owners of a medical marijuana business were unable to relocate. However, this rule is now changed. A medical marijuana business may move locations supposing the correct criteria are met. The rules for relocating a medical marijuana business are as follows: local approval for the location has been granted; approval for land use has been granted; the land has been surveyed and found to meet local and state requirements; it can be shown that the new location is more suitable than the previous location. If you are considering moving your medical marijuana business, you should be aware that you may only relocate in the same city where the business was originally approved. Hiring an experienced marijuana attorney is recommended to help you work through this sometimes complicated process.

Learn the Rules of Purchasing Medical Marijuana

Currently the only type of marijuana that is legal for use in the state of Nevada is medical marijuana. People seeking approval to treat medical conditions through the use of medical marijuana must meet specific requirements before being granted a medical marijuana card. First, you must request an application from the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. Next, the application must be filled out, be signed and approved by a doctor and be notarized. Once a doctor’s approval is given, the form will be examined by state health officials and a background check will be performed. Finally, if the application is approved, the applicant will be able to receive their medical marijuana card from the DMV.

Medical marijuana businesses must be sure to check the card of every customer in order to avoid selling to unauthorized persons and potentially risking their business license.

Get Guidance from an Experienced Marijuana Attorney

Whether you want to sell a medical marijuana business, buy a business license or are looking to acquire a medical marijuana card, you need an experienced marijuana attorney from Connor & Connor, PLLC to help you through the process. Our attorneys are knowledgeable of all of the latest Nevada marijuana laws and can make the process of transferring license ownership as easy as possible.
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