SB344 was recently passed in Nevada. In general, the contents of the bill covers packaging, labeling, and advertising requirements for medical and recreational marijuana with a focus on edible packaging and other miscellaneous dispensary and production requirements. The main emphasis of the bill is to make edible marijuana products less attractive to children. Specifically, all marijuana products must clearly state that they are marijuana products in bold type, say “keep out of reach of children,” and cannot be packaged in anyway that might be appealing to children.

Which Marijuana Products Will SB344 Prohibit?

For example, there can be no cartoons, toys, mascots, or any type of design that resembles a current children’s product on the packaging, which additionally, must be packaged in opaque child resistant packaging. Further, there can be no lollipops, ice cream, or fruit snacks available for sale because of the increased likelihood that a child would get their hands on these types of products.

How SB344 Keeps Marijuana Products Away From Children

The bill then goes into other specific details that entail health requirements such as separate hand washing stations and disclosures that marijuana could be dangerous to children, and have a greater effect on people who are pregnant, using alcohol, or other prescription drugs. Additionally, the bill gives dosage limits for all products containing THC. The bill requires dispensaries to make storage containers available for purchase; again, this is to help prevent children from accessing any type of marijuana product.

What is the Point of SB344?

The main point of SB344 is to set clear safety requirements for the use of marijuana, specifically, to protect children from getting their hands on marijuana products that will now be more readily available. These provisions were supposed to become effective October 1, 2020. However, the Department of Taxation is set to implement the more important safety regulations of this bill to coincide with the July 1st early start date.