Many people do not think about land use law in their day-to-day activities, but a land use attorney can provide critical benefits during key times in your life. These services are especially beneficial to small business owners when they want to invest in a new property or adjust their operations. Other times, you may be facing legal challenges where comprehensive knowledge of land use law is the only way to defend your rights.

So make sure you make note of the following times you may need a Nevada land use and zoning lawyer to see how they could benefit you:

When You Want to Start a New Business or Modify Operations

Business owners require representation from a land use lawyer more often than anyone else. A business will engage in many activities, all of which have consequences in terms of the use of property where those activities take place.

For instance, a new neighborhood bakery will cook baked goods every morning, which creates minor amounts of fumes and smells within the area. They also typically have delivery trucks coming and going as well as vehicles bringing in foot traffic.

All of these activities must be legal usage of the property and in compliance with laws for the local area. Some neighborhoods may have laws against business-sourced cooking fumes within a certain number of feet or restrictions on which roads business traffic can travel.

A land use lawyer can check to see if your business activities can stay clear of such restrictions. If they will likely not, then a land use lawyer can help your business seek a permit or a variance to enable them. Many times, an attorney with knowledge in land use will come to a compromise with local regulators, such as putting up signage restricting business traffic from coming in a certain entrance.

All of these precautions prevent hefty fines or lawsuits, which run the risk of shutting down the business in extreme cases.

Property Transfer or Renovations

Residential land use typically involves less complex questions than business activities do, but that is not always the case.

Someone may wish to install a pool, add on an in-law suite, run a business out of their house or begin renting out rooms within their property, as a few examples. All of these activities could run outside the norms of residential land use and require approval from local officials or at least a confirmation as to their legality.

A zoning lawyer can clear up the more complex of these questions while smoothing the permitting process.

Land Use Lawsuits

Neighbors, HOAs (homeowners associations), governments and more can sometimes be so disapproving of prior land use that they file a lawsuit against the offending property owner.

If your business or residential activities are put in these crosshairs, you will likely need a lawyer familiar with Nevada land use and zoning laws. They can help determine your options in such instances and potentially reduce or negate the impact of legal action taken against you.

So, whether you are starting a business, curious about how you intend to use a residential property, or facing legal action for previous land use, a Nevada land use attorney can provide invaluable services.

Contact Connor & Connor today if you have any questions about land use or if you think you might need a legal representative.


BAC, or blood alcohol content, is the standard used by law enforcement to determine intoxication. Typically the legal limit is .08, but some areas may have .05 as the limit or may even have a zero tolerance policy. While the only truly safe way to avoid problems with BAC and driving is to avoid drinking entirely before getting behind the wheel, Connor & Connor of Nevada understands the reality of trying to enjoy a night out and balancing fun with safety. Below is a handy guide to controlling blood alcohol content and understanding how alcohol can affect you.

Demographics Matter with Blood Alcohol Content

It is a scientific fact that men and women process alcohol differently. Research indicates that this may be for a number of reasons, such as different levels of digestive enzymes or lower concentrations of water. Whatever the reason, it is understood that women become intoxicated more quickly, even at the same weight and with the same amount of drinks. Weight is an important factor as well, however, and bigger people will take longer to become intoxicated regardless of gender.

Genetics also play a role, and some people are just naturally better at processing alcohol than others. Even so, no one is able to drive safely when intoxicated, and the persistent myth that some people are better drunk drivers than others leads to critical and life-threatening mistakes. This natural ability changes with age as well. Most older people find themselves unable to handle as much alcohol as they could in their youth, even if they were notoriously heavy drinkers.

Controlling Your BAC

There are many misconceptions about methods to help you “sober up,” from coffee to bread to cold showers and more. While it is true that alcohol absorbs less quickly in a stomach full of fatty or protein-rich foods, the only way to get rid of it once it’s in your bloodstream is to wait. No amount of coffee or cold water can speed up this process. Only your liver can metabolize alcohol.

If you understand that you have to drive after dinner or a party, pacing yourself is important. While your friends or other party-goers may mean well in trying to get you to drink more, this peer pressure can result in injury or death later on. To counteract this, try to make your drinks last longer. It typically takes 45 minutes to process one drink, so waiting about that long between alcoholic beverages will help keep your BAC low or even let it reach zero. In the meantime, drink juice or soda by itself to create the illusion that you’re participating, but without putting yourself in danger.

Legal Defense and Counsel

Connor & Connor serves Nevada residents. Nevada is no stranger to DUIs or alcoholism, and the resulting accidents can create messy, lengthy legal ordeals. If you need representation or advice, contact 702-750-9139.