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Nevada Business Litigation

Almost every business at some point faces an accusation of impropriety or has to defend their own property against misuse by another. It could be an accusation of violating fair work laws. It could be based on trademark or copyright issues. Whatever the reason, learn how when you’re faced with Nevada business litigation, whether it’s for intellectual property or employment issues, a lawyer is your best ally.

Owning a business can be a very rewarding thing, but it carries a number of risks which can include copyright and intellectual property violations, slip-and-fall suits, defective product claims, employee (or employer) negligence, or even such issues as fair labor standards. When one of these issues arises, handling Nevada business litigation on your own can be a serious problem.

Business Liability

Did you know that an employer can be held liable for the acts of an employee, from work-related accidents to harassment and other actions? What about issues surrounding protecting the private information of your clients and customers? What if someone slips and falls on your property? Do you know the steps to take in these situations and how to resolve the situation without making it worse?

Intellectual Property Laws

Intellectual property is a huge issue these days. Suppose you are accused of stealing someone else’s intellectual property, or you notice that someone has stolen yours—how do you defend your rights and your property against the accusations or acts of another? Do you know how to write a cease and desist letter? What about negotiating for royalties or rights challenges? There are a lot of pitfalls surrounding these issues, and the laws are a complex maze.

Whenever you face litigation for your business in Nevada, the best possible thing you can do is to have a qualified and expert business law attorney in your corner. An attorney knows all the ins and outs of business law, and how to avoid the many pitfalls therein. At Connor & Connor, we exist for one purpose: to fight for and defend your rights against challenges by others. Learn a bit more about who we are and what we do, and then get in touch for representation today.