Opening certain types of businesses in Nevada can mean a complicated approval and licensing process with state and local authorities, especially where zoning laws and land use codes are concerned. The land use attorneys at Connor & Connor are experienced at helping our clients throughout the entire process.

Land Use and Laws

Opening a regulated business

Opening a business in a heavily regulated industry such as, medical marijuana, gaming, and adult entertainment, can be a daunting task that most business owners simply do not have the time or experience to complete on their own. Documents needs to be filed, public hearings may need to be held, meetings with elected officials may need to be had, and the business owner must jump through hundreds of legal hoops just to get their plan approved, let alone start operations.

Business owners can cut through the legalese and streamline the process, from planning to operating with an experienced Nevada land use and zoning attorney. The land use attorneys at Connor & Connor can help you get your business plan approved and have your company up and running, often times much quicker than a business owner can hope to do on their own. Get access to the track for approval, gain critical insight into the permitting process and accelerate your time to opening with the most reliable, knowledgeable and hardworking Nevada zoning lawyers in Clark County.

Nevada Land Use Codes and Zoning Laws

Planning a city is a lot of hard work and requires the forethought to avoid common problems that make a city less pleasant to live in. Since no one wants a blast furnace located next to their kids’ elementary school, Nevada zoning commissions and boards work hard to establish laws that ensure sensible, efficient city planning that prevents problematic development from occurring.

Unfortunately, the sentiment to preserve the quality of life through zoning laws can get upstart businesses tangled up in legal red tape just to even obtain a permit. Even learning how to obtain a land use approval in Clark County involves reading many pages of legal code. Navigating this dense maze of bureaucratic Nevada land use laws can be too much for an aspiring business owner to handle on their own.

Fortunately, they can look to legal experts like Connor & Connor to help get the permits they need to start operations sooner. Call us at (702) 750-9139 or Contact Us using our online form to work on getting your business land use plan approved starting today!