Connor & Connor PLLC is well respected among the Nevada business community for our and case-winning history. We have a successfully assisted our clients with the approval of conditional use permit applications. Our attorneys help clients with their applications by helping them navigate the complex regulations, compiling all the relevant facts and assembling a compelling argument for why your conditional use permit should be granted. We help you prove your business plan’s worth to the authorities and convince the community that your business should be allowed to move forward.

Why Conditional Use Permitting Lawyers Can Help

The laws and regulations relating to conditional use permits can be very complicated. Most business owners do not have the time or the expertise to handle their own conditional use permit application. Receiving a conditional use permit requires extensive research, working knowledge of land use and zoning laws, and preparation to present a convincing argument to the zoning board or commission. Some applicants must also be prepared for opposition from the local community, meaning they will have to predict common counter-arguments that concerned citizens — and sometimes competing business owners! — put forth.

Having an experienced conditional use permitting attorney by your side can prove indispensable during this process. Our attorneys will research the legal background including zoning laws, look into the most recent rulings that can indicate where zoning boards lean, help you prepare a presentation that will persuasively argue your case for your conditional use and anticipate opposing arguments that are likely to be presented at public hearings.

All of these services greatly increase the chances of a business owner receiving their desired conditional use permit while reducing their workload and overall stress.

If you are applying for a conditional use permit, Connor & Connor attorneys have extensive experience and a winning history. Call us at (702) 750-9139 or Contact Us using our online form to get started preparing your case today!