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Business Formation in Nevada

It would be nice if forming a business was as easy as picking a name and selling products or services. Unfortunately, there are a lot of state and federal laws that go into forming your business. Learn the Nevada business laws that come into play when creating a new corporation or LLC in our state, and how Connor & Connor can help.

Forming a Corporation

There are a number of steps to take when forming a corporation in Nevada. It starts with choosing a name for your company and carries on to filing articles of incorporation and lists of officers, appointing agents, setting up corporate records, creating bylaws, appointing directors and even issuing stock. There are also tax and liability laws, insurance requirements, copyright and trademark laws, and more. The process can be complex, and you want to avoid any missteps to make sure your assets are protected.

Forming an LLC

LLC stands for “Limited Liability Company” and is often a better choice for small businesses. For an LLC, the process is a bit easier, and it provides similar protections. You’ll need to choose a name, file your articles of organization, hire an agent, prepare an operating agreement, and make sure you are in compliance with all tax and other regulations. You will need a business license and an EIN (tax number), and you’ll also need to file annual reports. As with a corporation, there are liability, insurance and intellectual property laws to consider.

Nevada Business Laws

The above is just the basics of what goes into creating a company under Nevada business laws. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of the rules, regulations and laws in place, it can be easy to make a mistake. That’s why Connor & Connor is here. We have a legacy of helping businesses of all sizes ensure they’re in compliance with all laws and regulations both state and federal.