One of the most important aspects of forming a business in Nevada is obtaining state and local licensure. Every business operating in Nevada must acquire the proper licenses or it could face serious legal repercussions. While the process is fairly straightforward, there can be many pitfalls if you are not careful to take the proper steps. The attorneys at Connor & Connor PLLC, have assisted hundreds of clients with forming their businesses and obtaining the proper licenses needed to operate.


Nevada Business Licensing and Business Laws

The following is a general overview of business licensing process under Nevada law and how an attorney can be vital in making sure the process goes smoothly.

Business Law: Type and Fees

All businesses formed in Nevada must register with the Nevada Secretary of State, file the appropriate documents, and pay the relevant filing fees, which were increased as of July 2015.

The type of business you are forming makes a difference in the forms and fees you must pay to achieve licensing. For a corporation, the fee to file for a business license is $500. For all other entities that are subject to fees, it is $200. However, at the time of filing you must also file your initial list of officers, which includes a fee of $150.00. if you are forming under NRS Title 7; otherwise it is due when you begin to conduct business.

Renewing Your Business License

Your state business license must be renewed annually. The fee for renewal is the same as the initial fee–$500 for corporations and $200 for everyone else.


There are certain businesses that are exempt from a business license, including nonprofits and Corporations Sole, as well as those that fall under specific statutory provisions. If you are uncertain whether you are required to file a license or not, you should contact your attorney for the specifics.

Forms to File

There are several forms you need to file and steps that you need to take in order to start and maintain a business in Nevada. A qualified business law attorney is your best bet in making sure that you handle things correctly and get your business off to the right start. If you are in need of expert business attorneys to help your new startup, give Connor & Connor PLLC a call for a consultation today!

Registered Agent

A registered agent is responsible for accepting service of important documents, such as notice of a lawsuit, on behalf of a business entity. Every business operating in Nevada must have a registered agent with an office located within the state of Nevada. Some business owners attempt to act as their own registered agent, while others simply pay an annual fee to a registered agent service to act as their company’s registered agent in Nevada. Don’t put your business at risk by choosing a novice for your registered agent or a registered agent service that is only interested in collecting a fee. If your business is sued, your time to respond is very limited and failing to respond within the proper time allowed could have severe legal consequences. You want official documents received and reviewed by an experienced attorney. The attorneys at Connor & Connor PLLC act as the registered agent for several of our clients for no additional fee.