One thing that is essential to running a successful business is having a good attorney in your corner. Business law is tricky, complex and full of potential stumbling blocks. A lawyer is your best bet to navigating those oft-murky waters and building a successful operation. Here are three things that every business owner should be sure to discuss with their lawyer to protect their business and keep on the right track.

Hiring New Workers

Hiring new workers might seem at the outset like something that’s simple and straightforward. Nothing could be further from the truth. Simply asking the wrong question like “are you married?” at an interview can open you up to lawsuits for discrimination. You want to avoid any trouble while still getting the best employees.

Every business owner should develop a set of policies and procedures for how you handle reviewing resumes, interviewing and hiring. Your attorney is your best resource for making sure that these policies are above board and in compliance with laws like the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.

Discrimination and Harassment

Closely tied to your hiring practices are your policies and procedures involving how you deal with discrimination and harassment. The wrong comment in the workplace can be a nightmare of legal fees for an employer who doesn’t decisively deal with these issues. It’s a balancing act, however; you need to be sure that you don’t rack up discrimination charges while dealing with the same from the other side!

Every business needs to have an anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policy. This policy should be spelled out in your employee handbook. It should be concise, clear and thorough. Make sure that you work closely with your attorney to develop a policy that will protect not only your employees from unwanted advances, comments and acts in the workplace, but will protect you as well.

Advertising, Marketing and Business Law

Not everyone thinks of your marketing practices as something that your business law attorney needs to handle. There are, however, legal issues that come into your advertising efforts. If you make a claim that you can’t legitimately stand behind, you could end up with customer complaints, loss of business, and lawsuits. You can also run into problems if you improperly reference competitors or come too close to someone else’s trade dress.

When it comes to advertising, there are a lot of legalities to consider. Make sure you discuss your marketing plans with your attorney so they can closely review your ideas. This can save you from product liability, false advertising, defamation and other nasty legal problems down the road.

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