What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is a compound found within the cannabis plant.  It does not contain THC, which is the mind-altering chemical compound in marijuana.  There is no high obtained by using CBD, but rather a centering and calming sensation that will come over the user when consumed.

Why is CBD Oil so popular with pregnant moms?

Because the mother is inundated with stress, anxiety, nausea and many times, joint and muscular pains, a mom is searching endlessly for relief.  However, most of these moms are also looking to avoid taking pharmaceuticals for these issues.  Leaving them turning to this possible miracle of nature to help them.  Speaking from the perspective of first hand knowledge, it is a fact that round ligament pain during the later stages of pregnancy can and do prohibit movement when having your second or third child.  Crippling Charlie Horse-like pains in the sides of the abdomen can and do force a mom to search for some form of relief.  In my case, I opted to attempt using CBD oils as a few midwives had suggested; and thankfully this has come to be a valued source of relief.

Is CBD safe to consume while pregnant?

It is still unknown by any level of certainty whether CBD is safe for the fetus.  There have been no long-term studies conducted to lend this information any credence.  The studies have been conducted on mice and not human subjects; therefore the transference onto human subjects would be questionable at best.

The study conducted on mice showed that the use of THC inhibited the development of embryos in the earliest stages of development.  However, the usefulness of this information is questionable due to the fact that it was also noted that the natural cannabinoid found in the human body, anandamide, had the same effect.   While CBD can increase the levels of anandamide, there has been no study conducted as to whether CBD has any negative side effects on a human fetus.

As seen repeatedly, the majority of studies conducted in the realm of cannabinoids and pregnancy have centered on THC or the use of marijuana.  As a result, there are many skewed results that do not address the current popular phenomenon of using CBD oils as a method of reducing inflammation, anxiety, pain and nausea for mothers-to-be.

Usefulness of CBD during pregnancy

CBD is known to be a muscle relaxant and has no known long-term side effects or addictive properties.  It was noted that contractions during labor were reduced significantly by the use of synthetic CBD.  It has been noted in studies conducted in the past that the use of THC can and does impact ovulation and damages embryonic cells, where as CBD isolate, will not cause any of the same harm.

Best Methods of Administration During Pregnancy

Smoking or consuming edibles, which would be considered the fastest method, may not be in the best interest of the mother.  If you are not 100% familiar with the extraction method used by the company producing the product, you may not be getting a CBD Isolate but rather one that is tainted by THC.

Therefore, the best and more recommended methods for mothers to use would be 100% CBD Oil in the form of capsules, straight oils, tinctures or lotions/balms.  Using a vape to consume your 100% CBD oil is also an option, if the need outweighs the risk, but seeing as smoking in any form while pregnant is taking a risk, the need must be extreme.  Most mothers who opt for a natural childbirth will tell you that labor necessitates this.

Mothers Reporting that CBD Oil saved their Sanity while Pregnant

More and more mothers reported that when they were told that they were pregnant, they quickly developed the dreaded hyperemesis gravardium.  As a result of this and their resistance to using Zofran (a known chemotherapy drug with a very long list of side effects that are both potential and known detrimental to the fetus but is prescribed commonly to mothers with hyperemesis gravardium), mothers end up finding their path to CBD oils.

To reiterate, the studies commonly referenced in opposition to the use of CBD oils in pregnancy and the potential side effects of it are focused on the effects in the mouse community and not humans.  Dr. Stuart Titus, Ph.D., stated that, “CBD is a molecule that helps with neurogenesis, the development of healthy brain cells.”  His observations were that pregnant women who consumed diets that were rich in cannabinoids went on to delivery very healthy babies.

In the End

After extensive research since 2017, CBD has a favorable safety profile. Although, this finding has been rejected by the Obstetric and Gynecological community at large and has been stated that it should not be considered an option for any gestating mother.  Their statements have revolved around the fact that “anyone can label a product as CBD Oil, but to know for a fact that it is what they claim, would be foolhardy.”

Unfortunately, the results of the studies conducted were not done so on CBD Isolates, but on product that contained THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, which in some cases, have caused low birth weight and increased risk of admittance to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit upon birth.  Overall, the majority of statements made regarding CBD have been inconclusive based on the inability to conduct longitudinal studies of the effects thereof.

In the Journal of Psychopharmacology, CBD was associated with significantly decreased subjective anxiety.  Additionally, topical usage of CBD was noted as valuable when inflammation and joint pain is present.  However, as with any statements released by any organization or physician, they are remiss to endorse the usage of CBD oil in pregnancy due to the lack of negative development potential that has not been noted.

Regardless of the choice made by each mother, please note that you may want to check your local state and city laws in terms of giving birth and THC.  In Las Vegas, Nevada, if you are in the hospital to give birth, your bloods are drawn and checked for THC.  If you are found to have any in your system, Child Protective Services could be called and could take your children from you at that time.

The need must be beyond the risks in order to use marijuana during pregnancy; but it is also a matter of personal choice if your needs outweigh the risks in using the untested long-term effects of CBD products on pregnancy as well.


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