Nevada Cannabis Consumption Lounges Legalization

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, Nevada’s Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) approved regulations for cannabis consumption lounge operations and the process to apply for a consumption lounge. Just a year before, the legislature had passed Assembly Bill 341, which authorized cannabis consumption lounges. Adults over the age of 21 will be allowed to consume cannabis recreationally outside of a private residence. This news paves the way for the Nevadan cannabis industry to grow. 

During the Board meeting on Tuesday, members only made small changes to their regulations despite many public comments Several regulations include specificities regarding the functionality of these lounges. This includes: 

  • Free water provided for customers.
  • A plan to limit secondhand smoke exposure for workers. 
  • A plan to prevent impaired driving 
  • Cannabis products must not leave the facility. 
  • Tobacco and nicotine products must not be sold in the lounges. 
  • Users will be limited in the amount of cannabis they can purchase and consume

It is expected that the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (“CCB) will open applications for cannabis consumption lounge licenses in the fall of 2022.  The CCB plans to organize workshops regarding the application process of these licenses. There are two types of cannabis consumption lounge licenses – retail cannabis consumption lounge licenses which must be attached to a retail cannabis store and independent cannabis consumption lounges. The number of licenses is limited to only one retail cannabis consumption lounge license per ownership group and only 20 independent consumption lounge licenses with 10 of those being for social equity applicants.

These lounges could open as soon as the end of 2022!