5 Year Old Boy Locked In Room and Forgotten By Teacher
A five year old boy was allegedly locked in a small room by his kindergarten teacher. The parents state that the room was dark and that the boy had been locked in the room for over an hour. Out of fear the boy was crying and had urinated on himself. The boy wasn’t discovered until the parents went to the school to search for him because he was over 45 minutes late from returning home.

As reported by msn.com, the Idaho school district in Caldwell does not deny that the teacher did in fact put the boy in the small room as a form of discipline. It is unclear what action by the boy prompted such discipline and the school is not revealing that citing student privacy. However, the school district states that the discipline actions taken by the teacher were not appropriate. The school district does dispute the allegations that the room was locked and that it was dark, but do not deny that the boy was placed in there and then forgotten for over an hour.

At this time, it is unclear what actions the school district is taking against the teacher and to ensure that such an incident does not occur again. The school district has permitted the young boy to move to a different kindergarten teacher.

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