Unwanted Anal Cavity Searches

As reported by a local news station, two separate individuals have suffered  terrible and traumatizing anal cavity searches at the hands of local law enforcement. Police officers applied for warrants after routine traffic stops to perform “anal cavity searches” and then transported the individuals to a medical facility. One man had 8 separate and invasive anal cavity searches performed. The other individual claims to have suffered a similar fate. For more information on these stories visit KOB4.

The United States Constitution protects our citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. Also, law enforcement is prohibited from using excessive force against individuals. It would appear that forcing an individual to go through multiple unwanted anal cavity searches including a forced colonoscopy would be considered excessive force. If it is found to be by a jury or Court, these individuals will be entitled to compensation.
Unfortunately, some police officers utilize excessive force. Individuals who suffer at the hands of law enforcement are entitled to compensation and should speak up against such wrongdoing.