Organic Peanut Butter Factory Shut Down After Numerous People Infected with Salmonella
The Food and Drug Administration has shut down a peanut butter factory in New Mexico due to production of unsafe food. TheSunland factory, located in Portales, New Mexico, is the largest organic peanut butter producer. The popular store, Trader Joe’sobtains its peanut butter from this factory.

Fox News reported that people in 20 states across the country have contracted salmonella due to the peanut butter. An outbreak linked to Sunland’s peanut butter occurred in September 2012 and the factory voluntarily shut down its New Mexico based factory.Sunland planned to reopen its factory today, but the Food and Drug Administration shut down the factory for unsafe food production.

The Food and Drug Administration gained the power to shut down companies for unsafe food production in 2011 through a food safety law. This is the first time the agency has exercised its power. The company now has the burden of showing that its food is safe, before it can reopen.

A hearing will be held and the company will be inspected to determine if it is safe. Previously the company was inspected and 28 different instances of salmonella were found in the factory. The agency also discovered improper handling of food, unclean equipment and peanuts that were stored outdoors without being covered so that the peanuts were exposed to insects and birds.

After the outbreak this year, the Food and Drug Administration released results of inspections conducted in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 stating that the company had unclean equipment and improper handling of food. Also, there is evidence – denied by the president of Sunland – that in the last three years, the company would send out products that had tested positive for salmonella through internal tests.

Very concerning now is that Sunland distributes not only to Trader Joe’s, but also to Target, Safeway, Whole Foods and other national grocery store chains. When the outbreak of salmonella was reported, many of these grocery stores repackaged the Sunland products and sold them under their own company names. Thus, there is the potential that contaminated peanut butter and other nut products is still on the shelf.

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